I am a Vilnius-based photographer, graphic designer, and YouTuber working cross-disciplinary within the field of visual communication with a focus on the music industry. I work with local musicians such as Solo Ansamblis, punkó, Migluma and others; I spend a lot of time documenting the electronic music scene at Opium Club, 1986_gallery_, Kablys, Digital Tsunami, and Karakumai events and festivals.

I spent over three years in Melbourne, Australia, living, studying, and creating. There I was documenting concerts, behind the scenes of music videos, photographing and designing album covers and creating photographs for press and artist music distribution. My clients came from Sony Music Australia, Flightless Records, Live Nation, and numerous local up-and-coming bands.

My trippy film-like photographs radiate nostalgia and capture the feeling of flipping through an old box of polaroids from the time when your mum and dad still dreamed of hitchhiking to Woodstock.

My graphic design visual language closely resembles my photographic approach, while also incorporating darker aesthetic elements that veer on the verge of meticulously calculated chaos.

Alongside photography and graphic design I’m also teaching and encouraging others through my YouTube channel to experiment with their art.

selected artists

Abudu ✹ Alex Cameron ✺ Alice Ivy ❋ Alt-J ✹ Aurora ❋ Beans ✺ Big Words ✹ Black Midi ✺ Brutus ❋ Close Counters ✺ Ferla ✹ Forever Son ❋ Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes ✺ Genesis Owusu ❋ Greta Van Fleet ✹ Half • Alive ✺ Iceage ✹ King Krule ❋ Liima ✹ Lime Cordiale ❋ Luboku ✹ Mwanje ✺ Nice Biscuit ✹ Orville Peck ❋ Preoccupations ✹ Sasami ❋ Sig Nu Gris ✺ Slowcoaching ❋ Solo Ansamblis ✹ Son Lux ✺ Spacey Jane ❋ Super Besse ✺ Teenage Dads ❋ The Murlocs ✹ Troye Sivan ✺ Viagra Boys ❋ Waax ✹

selected clients

Bonobo Climbing ❋ Day Seven ✺ Damn Good ✹ Darrell Lea ❋ DT Camp ❋ Young’s Club ✺ Karakumai ✹ Live Nation ❋ Moss Tunstall ✹ Opium Club ✺ Ordoline ❋ ✺ Peronas ❋ Radio Vilnius ✹ Smile + Wave ✺ VICE ❋

talks / press / features

2023 ∙ Lithuania ∙”Sketch Up” 17: Aneta Urbonaite
2020 ∙ Australia ∙ Alice.D magazine, Issue 6
2020 ∙ Australia ∙ Anonymous Musicians Podcast: Positives And Neagtives Of COVID-19 On Musicians (Part 2)
2018 ∙ Lithuania ∙ What's Next in Music Conference: Music photography - an industry or just a hobby?
2018 ∙ Lithuania ∙ Nuogas karalius King Krule
2018 ∙ Lithuania ∙ Plaukus išssitiesinęs bosistas ir Jėzus Kristus superžvaigždė
2018 ∙ Lithuania ∙ “Limonadas”. Vartoti atsakingai
2018 ∙ Lithuania ∙ Kurortinis “Devilstone” romanas

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